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Yellowstone Canyon Fragrance 100ml

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Canyon Fragrance Tonic is a fresh, aromatic fragrance with a blend of floral and earthy scents, including living floral captures of Silky Crazyweed, Yampah, and Mountain Forget Me Not. It captures the Mountain Fresh Air of Canyon, at the Highest Elevation in Yellowstone.

Fresh Mountain air with Green base notes & a bright, Aquatic opening: Living Blue Lupine, Mountain Forget Me Not, Pine, Juniper, Cedar & Moss.

These Living Floral scents are ideal for people who love the scent of the great outdoors and might not wear a traditional designer or fashion fragrance. Appropriate for Men or Women.

Purchase of these products supports Yellowstone Forever’s mission of engagement and support through education and fundraising for the park, to ensure Yellowstone remains an incredible resource for generations to come.

Made in USA
Not tested on animals

100ml (3.4oz) Amber Bottle with Sprinkler Cap